Jack Harris

Singer Songwriter

Jack Harris is a nineteen-year-old singer songwriter.

He was born in Upstate, New York. Throughout his childhood, he was always around music.

He is self taught in acoustic guitar and music production.

Through songwriting, Jack seeks to express common emotions and experiences shared by people and turn them into songs. Jack's inspiration for his songs comes from real life experiences with love, loss, anxiety, stress, happiness, and change.

Jack recorded his first three singles (Hold On To Me, I Get Lost, and Song For You) at Peppermint Studio in Youngstown, Ohio in January of 2019. He recorded "I Get Lost" and "Song For You" with Falling Stars, a rock band from Cleveland, Ohio.

Jack collaborated with Jim Stewart, a Cleveland, Ohio producer on his two songs "Drowning" and "Every Time."

(Photo creds: Bobby Housel Photography)